The Challenge of Improving the Customer Experience


Today most businesses will tell you that one of their top goals is to improve the customer experience. In fact, almost 90 percent of businesses view customer experience as the new competitive battleground, and many view improving it as their number one priority, even more so than growing revenues.

But talking about improving the customer experience is a whole lot easier than actually improving it, for although the numbers are good in relation to companies’ awareness of increasing customer satisfaction, the numbers related to actually improving it are not good at all.

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Breaking the Blockade: The Advertising War Continues


“Ad block is a threat to the very existence of the World Wide Web.”

“[A great man] thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts.”

how many people truly grasp the make-up of our digital world, and just how central advertising revenue is to our current digital existence. Sure the world loves to use Google’s free suite of helpful tools and services, they love to immerse themselves in Facebook’s social network, and they love to post pics to Instagram; but while it’s great that the world doesn’t have to pay for that stuff, people need to understand how those companies make money.

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Digital India - Now to Work


There's a buzz about Digital India again with an Indian PM finally reaching Silicon Valley. So are we close to broadband taking off, or is this just more hype?.

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